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Liquid Vinyl Siding

Why Choose AM-VI-CO® Liquid Vinyl Siding?

Very simply, it is the best choice for a maintenance-free exterior without changing the architectural appearance of your home or office. Best of all, AM-VI-CO Liquid Vinyl Siding® is less expensive than ordinary exterior paint over time, not to mention the resale value it can add to a home improvement project or business.

Developed over 30 years ago in Europe, AM-VI-CO Liquid Vinyl® has been used extensively throughout the United States for over 20 years. It provides a terrific solution for dissatisfied homeowners who don't like the artificial look of standard vinyl siding and simply don't want to deal with the cost and hassle of house painting every few years.

Key Characteristics of AM-VI-CO® Liquid Vinyl Siding
  • Protects Your Home Exterior

  • Maintenance-Free

  • Highly Breathable- All moisture is allowed to pass thru in a vapor form.

  • Mildew and Fungus Resistant for total absence of mold growth.

  • Temperature Flexibility- Liquid Vinyl Siding has the ability to stretch and recover its original shape.

  • Will Not Flake, Split, Crack or Peel

  • Water and UV Resistant

  • Pest Resistant

  • Will not alter the appearance of your home or office

  • Eco-friendly- Liquid Vinyl Siding contains no carcinogens

  • Sprays on as easily as house paint

  • Ultra tough coating

  • Problem free exterior finish requires no maintenance

  • Repels Dirt to stay clean longer

  • Easily cleaned with an ordinary garden hose

  • 1400 Liquid Vinyl colors to choose from to match your tastes

  • Increases salability of your property

  • Transferable 30 Year 100% Replacement Warranty

The High Cost of Painting

Liquid Vinyl Siding not only provides lasting beauty, but can save you money year after year.  Most people are not aware of how much money they spend over the years keeping their home looking good. when you stop to add it all up, the amount can be staggering.  Eliminating painting bills and spending less on exterior maintenance expense means more money in your pocket.  Liquid Vinyl not only puts and end to expensive painting bills, but adds to the property's value that can offset its initial cost.  Having a transferrable warranty may significantly increase its resale value.  Over time Liquid Vinyl tends to be less Costly than regular painting.  In today's world saving money is important to everyone.  Coating with Liquid Vinyl Siding is a SMART INVESTMENT that can PAY FOR ITSELF.

10 Step Liquid Vinyl Installation Process
  1. Inspection and repair of all surfaces, cracks, blemishes. including replacement of loose, damaged or rotten materials. 

  2. Pressure clean the entire surface.

  3. Seal or caulk all cracks, rust removal, etc. as required.

  4. Masking and shield all areas including windows and landscaping to protect areas that are not being coated.

  5. Remove accessories such as lighting fixtures, gutters, drainpipes to facilitate complete and thorough application. (New Gutters may be needed and can be installed by Carolina Coatings.)

  6. Several color test patches applied (Choose from over 1400 colors available.)

  7. Apply sealing and stain blocking agent.

  8. Apply bonding agent.

  9. Apply AM-VI-CO® Liquid Vinyl Siding.

  10. Cleanup and restoration of application area.

We take pride in our professional staff, high quality tested product and ultimate customer service. The job is not done until you're satisfied. The last step involves a comprehensive inspection with the homeowner of all coated surfaces.

The American Society for Testing and Materials
Click on the ASTM Logo for Liquid Vinyl Siding Test Results

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