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A Business Opportunity

Since 1978 government regulations have mandated the removal of lead and other key components in paint. Unfortunately, these were the components that made paint more durable and longer lasting. Home and business owners are willing to invest in a high performance coating that is longer lasting and can save them time and more importantly, money. Property owners are just finding out about the many advantages of AM‑VI‑CO Liquid Vinyl Siding™. It is a nationally respected brand installed by dealers with a 30-year warranty. The vinyl coating is as easy to apply as latex paint, and at a comparable labor cost. Liquid Vinyl Siding™ helps home and business owners solve the painting dilemma and increase property value. Now is the ideal time to secure a territory and take advantage of this ground floor opportunity. Exterior painting is a low-risk business with high income potential. We are expanding our dealer network to meet current and future demand. LVS dealers are independent companies, not franchises. A huge advantage of becoming a LVS dealer is the fact that you maintain your independence and total control over your company and will not need to start a new business from scratch. AM‑VI‑CO Liquid Vinyl™ is established as a national brand that allows you to grow your business at a quicker rate. We've optimized our systems to create a scalable business model that can be successfully replicated. Our business model allows you to operate a coating business with a level of security and confidence. If you are prepared to market the very best and help solve a problem being experienced by millions of property owners, we can assist you in building a LVS coating business. Dealers are provided with technical and insllation training and general business support. Sales assistance is readily available along with customized brochures and marketing material.

AM-VI-CO Liquid Vinyl Siding™ is not a new product; nor is it untested. It was developed by leading paint chemists and formulators nearly 50 years ago in Great Britain. Made with the highest grade vinyl resins, this revolutionary coating has undergone thousands of hours of accelerated weather and on-site field testing. Liquid Vinyl Siding has been manufactured in the U.S.A. since 1985 and proven to be a superior coating that has been marketed in all regions of the country with relatively few reported problems. American Coating Products is an experienced manufacturer that stands behind its dealers and its warranties. As a dealer you can hold your head high and be proud of the product you are representing.

Timing could not be better!

The U.S.A. is in a Remodeling Revival. As home prices plummeted during the last recession, Americans cut back on their home improvement projects. But the remodeling market has rebounded in recent years. According to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity, or LIRA, annual home improvement spending in nominal terms is expected to set a record in 2016. The Bankrate survey found that exterior work is the most popular type of home improvement. About 52% of homeowners are planning a project over the next year to renovate the home's exterior. "The last couple of years in particular, we've been seeing the activity trending up with homeowners doing more projects, spending more on projects," says Abbe Will, a research analyst in the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, which developed the LIRA. An increase in discretionary remodeling helped drive spending up 5.3% in the 4th quarter of 2015, higher than the historical trend. "That means more homeowners are tackling larger projects. Credit both a healthier economy and an improved real estate market, has allowed people to buy and then fix a home, while others have decided to stay put and finally tackle projects they put off during the recession", says Will.

Your Future is Calling!

As a LVS dealer you will be providing a much needed service and representing a nationally respected brand. AM-VI-CO Liquid Vinyl Siding™ is head and shoulders above the competition. Why risk your reputation by selling any other coating? If you have the desire to market a truly exceptional coating we would like to discuss this opportunity with you.

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